How The Ranking Method Works?

It is essential that both experienced and new Forex traders have the right information to make the best decisions on who to trust in the trading world. Forex Signal Scope has seen enough suspicious types to know one when we see one, no matter how convincing they think they are. We investigate, test the services and tools and evaluate, and give you a complete review of our findings to save you the trouble of having to open an account just to try them. Once our evaluation is complete, we post out results and including warnings for suspicious brokers, and also a list of squeaky clean brokers.

Thorough Investigation

Forex Signal Scope professional team of traders does both hands-on web searching and uses auto-web detection tools to gather information about today’s Forex brokers. We continuously develop and add Forex broker sites to our database to keep traders in the know. Furthermore, our team accepts requests from readers to evaluate if a specific broker is a scam or not.

As shown on the website’s Terms, we are here only for informative purposes. The web is complex and can lead to uncertainty and confusion. If you conduct your own investigations when selecting a broker be sure to take an overall trending opinion, not just a single comment. These reviews are available to keep readers updated and aware of what’s going on in the Forex trading industry.

Our Ranking Evaluation System

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when evaluating and ranking a broker. To keep our evaluations effective, we must withhold some of the investigative methods used to identify scams. Below are some of the factors we can reveal as effective approaches when conducting rank evaluations:

  • Website design and content: accuracy and attention to detail
  • Licensing and Regulation
  • Deposits, withdrawals, and fund management
  • Prices available and assets listed
  • The Trading platform software performance and available options
  • Tools and services provided to the traders: webinars, educational materials, etc.
  • Recent repeating comments or trending complaint themes
  • Customer support effectiveness and response

Check out our Updated List of Trustworthy Forex Brokers

Our online reputation and integrity is of greatest importance to us. Any Forex broker approved and endorse by Forex Signal Scope has been confirmed a legitimate operating company that provides a safe environment for trading to learn the trading craft and maximize potential profits. The top ranking Forex Brokers on our list all provide a wealth of educational materials, personal account managers, verified and consistent signals, and the highest level of technology to give their traders the best chance of success.

To Forex Traders New And Experienced

Forex Signal Scope investigators are experienced professionals in the trading industry. We strongly advise all traders who are serious about making money with Forex to use caution. There are over 500 Forex brokers worldwide that are confirmed legitimate and the list is still growing. Some Forex brokers can offer excellent deals and attractive options due to not being a regulated operator, but some of those unlicensed brokers are untrustworthy and cleverly designed to prompt a deposit, bleed a trader with additional investments, then run. We urge you to only consider Forex brokers that have passed our investigations. If the broker you are considering is not featured on our site, feel free to request it, and we will be sure to give it due diligence.